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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  February 9, 2017 10:30pm-10:40pm GMT

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being an athlete and a determined person, i think this is going to be something i want to come back from. imagine that, being on the track after what you've been through. i know, it's crazy. but i believe i can do it. that belief is familiar to ellington, but success now has a new perspective. david ornstein, bbc news. newsnight is coming up on bbc two. tonight, we will be speaking to britain passed by top cop, sir bernard hogan—howe. he has been the metropolitan police commissioner for over five years, but is about to step down so that he can give us an honest view of how well the police are doing.join me honest view of how well the police are doing. join me now on bbc two. and in the next few hours, we are hello and welcome to sportsday.
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i'm mike bushell. the headlines tonight: mps warn the football association: change or the government will force you to. a fanfare for the start of the new super league season good evening.
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mps in the house of commons have passed a motion of no confidence in the football association. there have been calls for english football's governing body to reform itself for decades but now they could face legislation if they aren't seen to modernise from within. our sports editor is dan roan. the government has already threatened the fa with tens of millions of pounds worth of funding cuts if it does not start to reform itself. today was an important staging post in what has always been seen as the nuclear option, passing a bill in parliament to force its hand to tell it now was the time to reform. critics are unhappy with the lack of diversity and independence on the fa's main decision—making bodies. they are also concerned about the perceived dominance of the professional game, the premier league. they want changes. this all
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comes league. they want changes. this all co m es after league. they want changes. this all comes after years league. they want changes. this all comes after yea rs of league. they want changes. this all comes after years of frustration with the fa and perceived lack of progress. the scottish fa are appealing against the fine they received for wearing poppies on their shirts against england last november. both teams wore the symbol to commemorate remembrance day during the england vs scotland world cup qualifier on 11th november. the sfa say they have received the written reasons from fifa and have told world football's governing body they intend to appeal against the £15,000 fine imposed. so to a new super league season in rugby league. there's a lot of excitement about new boys leigh but tonight it was about two of the old giants, st helens and leeds rhinos. who would get off to the perfect start? adam wild was watching for us. moments before the start is the time for hope and optimism but the these
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two famous old clubs you can add to that expectation. few teams bear that expectation. few teams bear that burden ;; helens the ane‘jjf lives; to 7:7 z c» , 7—7—— leeds. the opportunityteljveeupte here. leeds. the oppertdnitytdljveeuptd here. but the rhinos this is as it here. but the rhinos this is as much about beginnings of starting again. last year was one to forget. that the only score of the first half. it was a leeds it lead the did not last long. points are always ha rd to not last long. points are always hard to come by. still this extraordinary try saving tackle was as good as it got. both now going close and neither quite able to add further points. st helens with the slender victory but the optimism for the season ahead remains firmly intact. it's been confirmed that the roof will be open for the big six nations match between england and wales on saturday. that suits england, who asked for that to be the case.
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0ur sports correspondent, joe wilson, spent the day at england's base. another training session for england as they look to stretch this winning run in cardiff over the weekend. another change in the starting line—up. jack clifford comes in to start in the back row in that area of the forward packis back row in that area of the forward pack is where england are so inexperienced in comparison to wales. 0ut inexperienced in comparison to wales. out on the wing, jack noble start this match. a key element of the preparation do is that england should not be daunted by that special cardiff atmosphere. england must indeed expect the unexpected. we are prepared to win, we are prepared for any shenanigans that might go on, and we are looking forward to it. it is a great
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opportunity. we were disappointed with how we played against france last week and is a great opportunity to play in one of the best stadiums in the world. what shenanigans are you prepared for? i don't know but the welsh are cunning lot, they have got goats and daffodils and everything, so who knows? cunning, well, england chain to the open air today and that is the way the game will be played on saturday. eddie jones decides he wants the stadium roof open in cardiff but it is not what wales wanted. good news for the welsh team ahead of their six nations match against england on saturday. george north has been named in that team for match in cardiff. the side are hoping that both he and fly half dan biggar will be fully fit. north picked up a leg injury in wales' win over italy although he did carry on playing while biggar couldn't complete the game due to a rib problem. coach rob howley makes two changes with props rob evans and tomas francis taking over from nicky smith and samson lee. but as for north and biggar,
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it's still a bit of a waiting game. we have tried to prepare as best we can. those two players will be given every opportunity to be fit. they are two experienced players and important for us. we are giving them every opportunity to be fit. scotland were the other winners on the tournament's opening weekend and their captain, greig laidlaw, says his team have learned how to handle pressure since coach vern cotter took over. after holding off a late comeback from ireland last saturday,
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